Obsessive City Fashion

Project Overview

2WO+1NE=2 is a fashion design brand born in Athens with a global concept. Each collection draws inspiration from a different city of the world in an obsessive manner. Outfits are named after streets and clothes after artefacts of the local culture maintaining the way of writing. So far, their collections have been influenced by København, Praha, Roussillon, Montreal, Los Angeles, among others.

For such a non-conventional brand, we approached it in a non-typical fashion. All the identity is based on a single typeset in a single weight with an emphasis to math symbols. No icons, no hero imagery, no logo. The website is a container in the form of an abstract map where collections celebrate their geospatial information. In 2019 we expanded the website with a e-commerce functionality keeping the aesthetics and navigation intact.


My Role

  • Photography
  • Design assistance
  • Poster design




Roleplay · Leonidas Oikonomou, Roza Giannopoulou, Stephan Muller, Dimitris Marlagkoutsos, Alexandra Alexandridou, Thanos Eleftherakos