Arq · Mutum

Arch. Tesis · Leisure Center

Project Overview

Arq·Mutum is my Architecture graduation project. The brief was to intervene in the historical center of Bogotá city. A place of dualities: historical and informal; crowded and empty; valuable and disposable. The project was a projection of my personal believes and exploration of form over historical and cultural values.

This project is the result of the juxtaposition of two concepts: Mutualism and Leisure.

Mutualism: How old and new architecture can benefit each other? How to create architecture respecting the past?

Leisure: What will people do when they are asked to do nothing? Will people be productive when there’s no one to demand anything from them? Can happiness and productivity go hand by hand?


My Role

  • Architectural Design
  • Research
  • Prototype modelling
  • Drawing
  • Presenting to the juries
9.6 / 10
Final Grade Arch. Thesis


Andes University


Leonardo Alvarez

Special thanks to

Melissa Ferro Beltran · Daniel Rodriguez Estrada · Fabiana Tomasini Gianini · Andes University