Cosmic Candy

Greek Sci-Fi comedy movie

Project Overview

Cosmic Candy is a greek comedy elevated by fantastical bursts of color and sound. It illustrates how in any circumstance, there’s a chance to find beauty in the world if you’re willing to change your outlook

Cosmic Candy is the first full feature film by Rinio Dragasaki who trusted Roleplay with more than a graphic designer input for the film.

Our collaboration was broad and covered all stages of the movie: Pre-production, post-production, promotion, and distribution. We designed the official poster of the movie,  the postcards as long as the social media, and the promotional packages. Honoring the film’s 80s b-movie references, we created 6 unique illustrations that resemble the airbrush style of the era.


My Role

  • Universe design
  • Titles and Credits design
  • Poster re-design
  • Promotion packages


Rinio Dragasakis


Roleplay · Leonidas Oikonomou · Roza Giannopoulo · Harris