Luciernaga 50nm

A Scientific Shelter at Antarctica

Project Overview

The main goal of this project was to create an inflatable structure that would be easily carried and transported from one location to another, but that would be rigid enough to protect and sustain life inside it. 

The structure would have to be made of a material that would insulate the cold, but allow the penetration of light, and create an unobstructed view of the landscape. The building would also be modular. 

Finally, we wanted to take into account the possibility of expansion: Like cells, the building could grow to transform itself as a process of evolution.


My Role

  • Architectural Design
  • Collaboration with 3 other students
  • 3D art
  • Layout
  • Comunication
1st Place
Yearly Academic Contest


IST University, Lisbon Portugal


Benjamin Villa · Puala Villar · Pablo T.C