Phos Villas

A complex of villas at Tinos Island.

Project Overview

"Phos" branding arose from the unique experience of being in a Greek Cycladic island for the very first time. 

As a foreigner from a country like Colombia, reaching such an arid but beautiful landscape was an alien experience, an experience comparable to being on the surface of the moon.

Phos is greek for light. Little things throughout the Aegean are as iconic as light. To underline the light’s presence in a sensory landscape as this of Tinos, we created a set of fictional moons that celebrate the phases of the day (dusk, day and dawn). The 3 villas were named after ancient greek god names according to the same order (Eos, Helios, and Selene). For the resort signage, we let the sun and the moon do the work on the various hemispherical marble sings, a material deeply linked to Tinos.


My Role

  • Project Management
  • Naming
  • Branding (Lead designer)
  • Art (water color)
  • UX (Lead designer)
  • UI (Lead designer)
  • Documentation
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Tinos Resort, Rinio Dragasakis


Roleplay · Leonidas Oikonomou · Roza Giannopoulou · Thanos