Elephant Poo Paper

Poo Factory and Business Cards

Project Overview

Somboon Legacy Foundation is a Non-Profit hands-off elephants’ sanctuary, located 25km outside of the city of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. This NGO takes care of old, ill, handicapped and rescued elephants, providing ethical tours and a completely hands-off experience for its visitors.

My collaboration with Somboon Legacy Foundation started with laying out the basic elements and processes of papermaking. Then we explored by try-and-failure the way to integrate the elephant poo. When we successfully created our elephant poo paper, I proposed the use of this material, as a branding element that will enhance their existing branding.


My Role

  • Paper making workshop
  • Business cards
  • Experimentation and research


Somboon Legacy Foundation

In collaboration with

Ronny · Anastasia · Darcy · Juan · Christiana Voukelatou