Coastline architects

Project Overview

Gnb—architects is an upcoming architectural office created by young professionals based in Athens, Greece with an edge for leisure architecture. Our task was to rethink their visual identity and redesign material for commercial promotion as well as their internal procedures.

In our approach “the coastline”, the border between the land and the sea is not only a topographic line but also the dividing line between the natural and the manmade, the impulsive and the rational, the spiritual and the tactile. To express all these dipoles —always present in a significant architectural practice— we resorted to the topographic representation of the landscape, exploiting the visual power of the contour lines emerging from elevation 0, the coastline.


My Role

  • Branding (Lead by Leonidas Oikonomou)
  • UX (Lead by Leonidas Oikonomou)
  • UI (Lead by Leonidas Oikonomou)
  • Stationary design (in collaboration with Alexandra Alexandridou)
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Tinos Resort, Rinio Dragasakis


Roleplay · Leonidas Oikonomou · Roza Giannopoulou · Thanos · Alexandra Alexandridou